Renovated Furniture for sale

This is a Victorian daybed. As you can see from the legs it was manufactured by Gillows of Waring and Gillows before they became a partnership. The firm of Gillow's of Lancaster can be traced back to the luxury furniture and furnishings firm founded by Robert Gillow (1704–72) in 1730. Waring & Gillow is a noted firm of English furniture manufacturers formed in 1897 by the merger of Gillow of Lancaster and Waring of Liverpool. We believe the frame of this beautiful piece of original English furniture was produced in 1834.
We have renovated the frame completely, deep buttoned the back, it has been upholstered traditionally, hand sprung, stuffed and stitched, using the best the horse hair, linen scrim, English herringbone black and white webbing. You can see the blind stitching, top stitching and the buttoning in these photographs. Covered in a good quality damask this work has been carried out to the highest possible standards. It is indeed for sale, for offers in the region of £2500.
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